Saturday, 18 April 2015

Gentlemen's smoking room

I have made considerable progress, adding three more lights in rear rooms, but because the front rooms are not finished there isn't much to show. I used the same technique as for the first corridor, with small LED-strips. So far, I am halfway through the gentlemen's smoking room, which is on the second floor to the right. It is a very interesting room, but there were many challenges.

This looks pathetic.

The stairwell is for the stairs that are invisible on the floor below - one really bad fault in the design that I have mentioned before. I am not using the stairs so will not use the stairwell either. The space is a complete waste. I won't use the prescribed divider because it won't be visible from any angle. I won't even bother closing the hole. But the tiny back room to the right will have a book case, my very first book case that I am still pleased with. I only need to add some books and fix them permanently, because the book case will have to be permanently attached to the back wall and won't be accessible after I have sealed the partition. It means that I have to think about everything before I do it.

For instance, I had thought I'd just have a plain green wall because it won't be visible. But this partition has an arch rather than a door, so there is more space visible than in the other rear rooms. There is a bit of wall above the book case that would look better with matching wallpaper.

And although I only needed a small bit of wallpaper I realised that I had to put in cornices. I also added a dado rail, although a fake one, just made from a coffee stirrer. Still, it will look neat this way.

As I said, the book case will have to be attached to the back wall. I haven't decided yet how to do it. Since the book case is made from a photo frame it actually has a hook. I could also simply glue it onto the wall. If you wonder why I don't use blue tack, I don't trust it, because sooner or later it will go off, and then I am in trouble. There is no way I would be able to do anything in the rear room after I have put in the partition.

Therefore I have only put it in temporarily. I will need to consider further possible problems.

I think this arch is a very interesting feature. It adds variety to the rooms.

To test what it will be like when I am finished I put in some objects.

There will be a fake ceiling light, dado rails and cornices. I am not sure this is the right floor, but I may change it later. I am very pleased with this room. 


  1. It is a very intimate room, I can imagine someone spending many solitary hours here. Where is the furniture from? Love the wallpaper...

  2. Thank you. Some of the furniture I made myself. The desk with cabinet is made from kit, and so is the rotating book shelf. The sofa and armchair from a flea market. If you browse through my blog I have stories about most of the objects. The wallpaper is free printie from the web