Thursday, 2 April 2015

Rear corridor, continued

The way I left the rear corridor yesterday was untidy, but it was less than half-finished. First, I need to decide what I will put into the corridor. I had several ideas, and they didn't quite work because the furniture I had in mind wasn't in the same scale, and you could see it immediately. So I tried one piece that I had intended and another borrowed from a room box.


I wasn't happy with this. I cannot really explain it because both pieces are nice, but they felt wrong. The other piece I had intended originally is slightly larger than 1:12 so the matching piece should be large enough. I went through my antique shop room box, and then I found what I was looking for in my clockmaker's room box. It works well in the clockmaker's, but I will put something else there. Because this felt just right. Exactly the kind of stuff you would find in a corridor in an old house.

This was a test. After that, I finally decided on the wallpaper in the front corridor, which meant that I could go on. Surprisingly, once I made up my mind I cannot see how it could be anything else.

Then I tried out the furniture again:

Then I put in the rear partition

With the light on, you can see the corridor better. Now the room divider:

The front corridor - on the right - will have a staircase, although not for a while. The bathroom walls are one long roll of paper so it's just a matter or putting it in: 

This isn't glued yet, but it gives you an idea. And now I have also revealed the secret of my rear corridor lighting. It's a 5cm LED strip with battery holder and switch, the kind model railway people use. The battery will be on the outside, and the strip will be fixed so that the light is even and soft. I haven't seen that it works yet, but if it does, it's a revolution in dollhouse lighting. I'll keep you posted.

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