Thursday, 9 April 2015

More luck coming my way

I have had luck with flea markets (aka car boot sales) and ebay auctions, but nothing like I had last Sunday. I was in Ely with my granddaughters, and we were going to Evensong in the cathedral. I had no plans for visiting the market; I was almost sure there wouldn't be any market on Easter Sunday, but there was. I said to my granddaughters: I'll just have a quick look. And the quick look revealed two boxes of dollhouse furniture. I told the girls to walk around because it would take some time. I picked up this and that, and I saw that some things were nice and some were rubbish, and also I had to be reasonable, so I selected a cupboard and two dolls and asked how much the man wanted for them. He said he wanted four pounds for the cupboard and two for each doll, but if I took all of it I could have it for fifteen.

I want to see a dollhouse person who could resist this. Two full boxes of stuff, even though there were certainly things I didn't need and didn't like. See for yourself:

Some things I only discovered when I came home and unpacked them. Some I definitely don't want, for instance, the Lundby-scale kitchen. Some I might use sometime in the future. Some I will remake. But remarkably, some things I thought I didn't want at all have already found their place.

Take the bed. I was dead sure I didn't want it, but I tried it in the attic bedroom, and isn't it just perfect?


I thought the piano looked too large for the room, but it wasn't. It was perfect. It looks as if it had always been there. Moreover, the doll I first thought would only make a governess is suddenly the best piano player. Not least because she has bendable limbs and can be placed neatly on the piano stool.


The cupboard, even though broken at the top, has replaced the old one in the rear room behind the dining room.

The back wall of the dining room isn't inserted yet, but the cupboard will be visible through a door. Maybe the broken part will be hidden, but otherwise I will mend it. And as you see, the gentleman has now got a twin!

The red sofa and armchair will look good in the gentlemen's smoking room. The cat has already approved.


There, too, the back wall isn't in place yet. I was going to have a green sofa, but this set will produce an interesting contrast with the green wallpaper. I will perhaps have matching curtains. The tiny parrot on the desk also comes from the lot.

I hadn't even seen the tea trolley before I came home. The wheels had come off, but luckily not lost. It's a very interesting piece that I have never seen before.


There are other small things that I have already put here and there. Most of the fabrics will be useful: curtains, sheets, towels. And even if I give away all other things this has been a fantastic bargain.

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  1. That is a real treasure you found! Have fun with all the good stuff