Saturday, 28 March 2015

Second floor and drawing room

Now that I had finished the pink ceiling, I could put in the second floor. I will not describe the process because it would mostly consist of dirty words, but this time, unlike the first floor, I did pull it out when it didn't quite fit and sanded more and glued properly.

I then trimmed the wallpaper in the ladies's drawing room, and, once again, I am glad that I decorated as much as possible on flat surfaces because working inside a small and deep room wasn't good for my back and shoulder. But I am pleased with the result, although mouldings are still to be fixed, as well as the door:

I am not quite sure about the floor, but since it is mounted on a piece of card I can replace it even after I have added skirting. Also this room will be crammed with furniture so perhaps the floor won't even be visible too much. To check, I put in some things and dolls:

This makes a huge difference, and I think I will leave the floor as it is. If you wonder about how I made some of the things in this room, have a look at the chimney breast, or why not my very first sofa, more than eight years ago. The octagonal table in the foreground is new, I got it from ebay recently, together with the chairs. The ceiling lamp is made from a fish hook, and the mirror on the chimney breast is very, very antique and cost a fortune. The samovar on the table is also old; my daughter's mother-in-law gave it to me. There will be more objects in this room, but since I will have to remove them to fix the mouldings I haven't put everything in yet.

All in all, this is what it looks like at the moment.

I very deliberately left the tools and materials in the rooms to convey a sense of the process. I put in the bed in the bedroom and the table in the dining room to see where the ceiling lights should be.

The next step is the top floor, and again I need to finish the ceilings before I can put it in so this will keep me busy for the rest of the weekend.

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