Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bedroom ceiling and top floor

The last ceiling I had to decorate before putting in the top floor was master bedroom. For the study, that is on the same floor, I decorated the ceiling with wrapping paper; the bathroom ceiling will be plain, and I have no idea what ceiling I will have in the front corridor, because I haven't even decided on the wallpaper yet. I don't know why I have problems with this corridor; I have tried a dozen wallpapers and don't like any of them. But I cannot wait forever, so for once I will have to decorate the ceiling afterwards.

For now, I needed to decorate the master bedroom ceiling, and I had various ideas so I went rummaging in my bag of trims and ribbons where I found just what I was looking for. In fact, if I had found it before I might have used it in one of the reception rooms. Too late. Here it is:


I considered adding another frame or diagonals, but this seemed right.

Now came the final moment of floor assembly. Sand, sand, sand, scratch, sand. Try. No way.

I finally gave up and asked ny husband for assistance, but we couldn't manage it together either. I also realised that the working height would be impossible so we took down the main house from the basement and put it on a coffee table. This didn't help with putting in the floor, but at least gave me some space around the %$&£*"!! structure. Isn't it ironic that the kit is cut with precision laser tool, and then I have to shave and sand the pieces to make them fit.

But it was all worth while to see the beautiful ceiling in its room. I used a plastic lid from a yoghurt jar for ceiling rose:

You may notice that the celing light is the same fish hook I had in the drawing room, but this is because I found a better light for the drawing room. Actually, the light I had in the old Victorian bedroom and planned to have in this one. But it turned out to fit much better in the drawing room.

I put some furniture and objects in the bedroom to test.

I am very pleased. On top of the room you can see the nursery where I also put some things:

Now you may ask why I bother putting in objects in rooms that aren't quite finished yet. I still need to fix mouldings and doors, paint edges, drill holes for working lights, and so on.

Firstly, it makes me happy to see something actually achieved. I don't mind removing it again, but right now I can admire what I have done during the weekend.

More important, though, it is only with objects inside that I can see some minor faults that need to be fixed, or, as I described above, that the lights I have planned fit better in another room, or that a slightly crooked piece of wallpaper will be hidden behind a bed and nobody will know.

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  1. What a lovely idea, making the ceiling with ribbon, it looks great!