Sunday, 15 March 2015

Trimming edges

Remarkably, as long as the house was only temporarily assembled, I didn't even notice all the untidy edges and corners - they were all, in my mind, part of those things I would fix later. Yet as soon as the shell is permanently assembled, the details just scream at me. So I thought I needed to deal with them before going on, because I would get irritated every time I saw something unfinished.

For instance, this will never do, will it?


Even if it is on the back and nobody will probably see it. But I will. So I found the old jar of paint, fortunately, with just about the right amount of paint left. Better?

For the edges of the roof, I had to mix the colour I used for the roof, which is always tricky, but in this case it doesn't matter if it isn't a perfect match.

Then I had the big question about the front edges, which I knew was coming, but pretended it wasn't. When I visited the exhibition at the Museum of Childhood, I looked specifically at how front edges were trimmed. I probably should have done this before I even started decorating the walls, but then of course I didn't know how I wanted them. Anyway, this is obviously unacceptable:

Again, I could have saved it until later, because the edge does not have to be done before I continue, but it looks sooooo untidy. Yet what would be the best solution? Paint it all white? Paint it all the colour of the external walls? Paint and decorate each edge to match the room?

As usual, I posted the question in my facebook groups and got plenty of good advice that I didn't follow. To begin with, I painted the edges of the attic walls the same colour as the roof. It looked good and logical. Then I painted the edges of the side walls with the same colour as the outside of the house. This way the edges became a natural extension of the wall. It looked good. It looked so good that I painted the edges of the internal walls with the same colour. When I finished I knew immediately that it was the right decision. The colour is light and soft, so it doesn't clash with the overall colour scheme. I see that if I had painted each edge in different colours it would have been distracting. This looks logical and neat. And I can always repaint it if I change my mind.

It took me five hours to paint all these very small surfaces.

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