Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pink ceiling

When I couldn't postpone it any longer, I put in the first floor. I had to sand edges for ever and ever, and then I tried it without glue and couldn't pull it back. It didn't fit in properly either, but stuck out a couple of millimetres. My choice was to pretend it was just fine or to try and pull the floor out, most likely damaging something in the process. Guess what I did?

Actually, I did more than that. I hinged the fronts, just to see whether the extra millimetres would prevent the fronts from closing. They don't.


Doesn't it look great? I will have to take off the fronts to decorate them on the inside, but I can admire them for a while.

I have also put in furniture in one room, after I have trimmed the wallpaper. Just to remind myself what it once was and what it will be again soon. It still needs all mouldings, and the floor is from another room. And yet.

Meanwhile, I need to finish the second floor before I can put it in. The second floor is where I have already made the blue lace ceiling for the dining room, but I still need to make a ceiling for the ladies' drawing room and the ceiling in the grand entrance hall. The wallpaper in the drawing room is delicate flowery stripes so the ceiling cannot be too bright.


First, I painted the ceiling and glued on a paper cake doily. I had bought a large package of these at Poundland. They come in three sizes, so I glued them on top of each other:  


This still didn't look quite right, so I added quarters in each corner: 


I hope it works with the room, because if it doesn't there is no way I will be able to repaint it.

Now I need to decorate the hall ceiling, and it must be grand. I have just found something on the please-take-if-you-want-it table outside my office. Watch this space.

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