Monday, 22 December 2014

Slated roof, continued

I never got another box of biscuits for my slated roof, but fortunately I have immense supply of thin card from the recycling bin at work. I want to show the steps, because when you have seen the result you may not believe that I have made it myself. So here is if not the before, but at least the half-way through:

Yes, it is tedious, therefore I only did it now and then, not at one go. It doesn't matter that the slates are different colour because I will paint them anyway.

When it was finished and looked rather funny, I admit, it was time to paint. I considered red-brown brick tiles, but decided against them because they would contrast too much with the delicate light green of the walls. And anyway, a Georgian house would have slates rather than tiles. Jean Nisbett suggests a mix of gray, yellow and green to produce a good slate colour, which I would have never thought of myself. So I mixed white and black to get gray, then added yellow and green drop by drop, because it is very easy to overdose, and then you will have to throw it away. I got the mix I wanted very quickly and painted with a broad brush.

The effect I had not anticipated was that some slates raised slightly, which made the roof look much more natural. I couldn't have done it on purpose (I tried when they were still dry, but they wouldn't stay). I also, as Nisbett suggests, painted some random slates with a darker shade, for variation and a more authentic look.

And here is a close-up. 

Since I had some paint left I also painted the flat roof top and dormer roofs.

When the slates were dry I varnished them. All in all, I believe that it has taken me 16 hours to make the roof.

Now, once again, you may ask why I am doing the roof which will most likely be the very last part I add to the house, some time a year from now at the very earliest. Firstly, I like variation, and I have been doing interior work for quite a while. Secondly, I like seeing results of my work, and this result has surpassed my wildest expectations. Finally, when I have done almost everything and only have the roof left, it will be ready to attach.

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