Wednesday, 24 December 2014


I am always saying that miniature-making is highly educational. I didn't know what a dormer was until I was building Helen Hall and had to buy some spare parts. Now I know that Helen Hall had gable dormers, while Womble Hall will have flat-roof dormers.

I enjoyed making the roof so much that I just had to go on and make dormers. I started by painting all parts, white on the inside and the same light green on the outside that I have on the house front. I must admit: I make a couple of mistakes with the sides and had to repaint. Then I put in window frames and glazing.

I glued sides with the front and immediately realised that I was making another mistake.

It would be much easier to add curtains before glueing the sides. So this is what I did with the remaining four dormers. The curtains are bits of lace. It won't be possible to draw curtains in the dormers, and I'd like to be able to peep into the rooms through the windows, so I didn't want larger curtains.

To make it neat, I covered the side seams with filler and when it was dry I painted over it. Here you can see the three steps:

This is what it will look like - so far just fixed with white tack:


I estimate that it took me 15 hours to make the five dormers (the window frames had been primed, sanded and painted before). I say "estimate" because some of the time they were drying while I was doing something else. It will take more time to attach them to the roof.

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