Sunday, 7 December 2014

A fancy wall

Today's project was a wall. Yes, just one wall in the reception room. I haven't done anything further in this room since the first attempt so it felt the right time to return to it.

The right sort of material to use for a wall is a old document folder that I have rescued from a garbage bin at work. By the look of it, it's at least twenty years old.


I cut it to measure, traced the window and cut it out.


I decided to use the old disposable table cloth that I had rescued at a party some years ago and that I had tested on a chimney breast and a back wall. It is exactly the colour I want, and it is slightly embossed which gives a nice effect. So I glued this quite thin paper onto the card. I used power glue stick.

The fold from the card is visible, but it doesn't matter because I will decorate on top of that. But first I added a white panel, cut from lining paper:


At this point, I needed to check whether the size was correct and the window was in the right place. It was, but I saw that the opening was slightly too small and had to be adjusted. Obviously the window hasn't been fit in properly yet.

I then glued on dado rails to separate the panels. There will also be a skirting board, but it will go in last of all, and I haven't painted it yet. But do you recognise what this thing is, that I have been saving for the past five years? And can you guess what I am going to do with it?

I must admit that it isn't my invention. I saw it in a book by Eva Malmsten. I have worked with this material before, and it isn't particularly cooperative. In fact, it is not cooperative at all. Where it is held by masking tape it will be covered by a cornice.

It isn't perfect yet, but I wanted to test the wall in its interior before I finished for the day;

I must say I am quite pleased with the result. All in all, it took me six hours.

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