Saturday, 20 December 2014

Entrance floor

I have finally finished the parquet floor for the main entrance. It isn't a particularly exciting or creative project: just cutting stirring sticks and pasting in a pattern. I used a bit of the floor that I had in the hall of the Victorian house, but it was a much smaller surface so I have been adding a few squares every now and then.

I did not stain the sticks, but painted them with a scratch-repair pencil from Poundland. It was much easier. I used the extra strong all-purpose glue stick. When I have covered the whole area, I sanded it very hard, to make the surface smooth. It also made the colour less even, therefore more natural. After that, I stained it with light oak stain, just one coat, to take away the whiteness of the unpainted sticks. (See, I didn't notice it six years ago when I first made this floor, but I do now). Finally, I varnished it with at least three coats. It now starts looking the way I want.

 The entrance is far from finished, but you can see how the floor fits into the whole design.

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