Saturday, 6 December 2014

Internal doors

Since I won't be able to finish the basement for a while I have happily switched my attention back to the main house. There are several unfinished projects there, and many, many things I haven't even started on.

Today I spent the whole day on just two internal double doors. Which gives you a sense of how long various tasks take when you do them properly. I didn't take pictures of every layer of stain I used on the doors, but it took four or five layers before I was satisfied with the result, the last applied with a cloth rather than a brush, for a smoother surface. I then had some thoughts and even did some research on whether the door frames should be stained as well or painted white. This time I didn't consult my Facebook groups, yet followed the advice I received when I made the front door: I cut surrounds from paper and tested. There was no doubt that the surrounds should be white. I am almost out of white paint that has lasted me six years (2,5 litres bought for a 1:1 decoration), but managed to scrape the bottom to paint the frames, and here is the result:

Of course, the floor is not finished, there is no skirting, no threshold, the doors need door knobs, and more (the staircase is just fixed with masking tape and white tack). But one thing was clearly missing. Such fancy doors need door pediments. You can get a dozen different models on ebay, but I didn't want to follow the easy path. Not just because all these pediments are expensive, but mostly because, as you may have noticed, I like challenges. I have made pediments for single doors from air-drying clay, but this was much bigger, and after a couple of failed attempts to make a mould I gave up and instead rummaged through my materials. And this is what I found:


Swiss chocolate is delicious, but there are also some practical uses. Look at the detail that the arrow is pointing at. Do you see a door pediment?

I cut it out and pasted on a piece of white card:


Then I painted it with the very, very last drops of white paint, and here it is:

Since I have just saved £15 by this simple project I can buy more Swiss chocolate!

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