Friday, 19 December 2014

Back to priming

It was a sunny morning, and I decided that I would take the opportunity to prime the few remaining parts of the house, mostly banisters. It will be long before I come to making stairs and balconies, but it may be equally long before the weather permits working outdoors. As it turned out, I had overestimated the mildness of British December weather. It was ice-cold, and if I get pneumonia and die, it's the dollhouse's fault. But it is done now, and I am glad I did all the major priming in summer.

While doing this tremendously tedious work once again - and banisters are more tedious than large surfaces of walls and ceilings - my thoughts kept returning to the £25,000 house, although it doesn't deserve it. Did they prime the banisters? You can buy assembled stairs, painted and all, and that's what they did, I can see it. You can hang wallpaper without priming the walls, and that's what they probably did. They didn't even bother to put in cornices! You can possibly paint windows without priming them (although I found it hard), and it will save you hours and hours of priming, sanding, painting, sanding... But who knows, maybe they sent the windows to be primed and sanded by children in Thailand, and the postal costs added to the price of the house.

Anyway, a pile of primed banisters is not much to show, so I will instead share the most recent picture of the dining room where I have temporarily put in floors from another room and like it so much that I will perhaps leave it like this. The doors are obviously not painted yet, and I haven't decided whether they will be white or dark. The window is not properly inserted. Mouldings will be added. The ceiling will be decorated. There will of course be wall sconces, pictures and other details that the £25,000 house doesn't have.

I am making slow progress. But I am enjoying it all the more.

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  1. Well written. And I must say that I love your doll.