Saturday, 14 June 2014

Tallboy makeover

My most recent expedition to Poundland yielded a bundle of chests and tallboys. As with other Poundland furniture, they are fine, but dull, just begging to be transformed. And it so happens that I have just bought four wonderful books by Patricia King on dollhouse furniture-making (highly recommended) from which I borrowed some ideas. Here is the point of departure:

The first thing I did was sandpaper all the rough surfaces and edges. As you see, there were two handles missing, but I removed all of them since I was going to replace them anyway. Then I painted the chest dark brown. I tried to mix a lighter shade, but gave up.  Eventually, it turned out just right. When it was dry, I first gave it a coat of mahogny stain and then a coat of varnish.


For handles, I took pieces of an old ankle chain. 


If you think it was a h-ll of a job to take it apart and assemble again, it was. Whether you think it was worthwhile is for you to judge: 

The decorations in the middle come from another chain. The difference between before and after is obvious. But I have also taken a picture of my old chest of drawers, which was among the very first pieces of furniture I made, seven years ago. I have learned a lot since then although it wasn't that bad for a beginner.

But now, with a mix of nostalgia and guilt, I have replaced my old piece: 

It is perhaps not as elegant as the Georgian chest made from kit, but I am still very pleased with it.

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  1. i love the way you transformed the white poundland furniture. I too have bought some of the same and this is very inspiring. thankyou for sharing xx