Friday, 20 June 2014

Oil lamps

A small project inspired by Patricia King, who calls it a pile-up method, or "simply glue". I don't know what kind of glue she uses, but this is far from simple because the small bits won't stay. Nothing is ever simple. Anyway:

Left to right: the first one is Dutch pewter, bought at a carboot sale for 30p. The next is an expensive, but worthless LED lamp from an online dollhouse shop. The third is a lamp I made seven years ago, among my very first things. It's a chess piece and a pencil cap. Finally, the "simple pile-up", still a bit lopsided, as I now see (photos are revealing!). A button, a smaller button with the central bit removed, a bead with a watch winder glued on, a belt eyelet, a bead cap, a bead, another bead cap and a bit of a plastic tube from a soap pump. It took me about an hour to make, with several attempts and a lot of bad language. Worthwhile?

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  1. yep, definitely worthwhile! I need to start keeping more 'stuff'!