Sunday, 25 May 2014

Frames makeover

When I was looking for materials to use in the dressing table makover, I discovered some picture frames I had bought a long time ago in a charity shop. If you have followed my blog you may know that I like frames and have made all kinds in different techniques, from lolly sticks, and various recyclables, and more, and I have also done some makeovers. The frames I have found are not particularly imaginative. Someone started painting them and gave up.

But they are a very good starting point for a makeover. For the first frame, I just added another, outer frame of small lolly sticks.

I then painted the whole thing gold and "aged" it by painting a thin coat of white and wiping it away immediately.

Plain and sober frame. But I wanted to do something more challenging, so I started by shaving off the outer and inner edges and sanding them for a softer, rounded effect. Then I added bits of grill sticks, shaved to produce a flat surface on one side. The frame on the left is the original for comparison.

I am very pleased with the result. I have four more frames and will need to think of four interesting ways of improving them.

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