Thursday, 26 June 2014

Portable heater

Here are some materials I used for this project, once again inspired by Patricia King, but modified:

A cylinder match-box that I have been keeping for the past twenty years (I used to collect match-boxes, and when I started making miniatures I thought it might come handy one day). It is much easier to work with than metal cigar cases or lipstick tubes that Patricia King suggests. A link from a massacred fan. Two buttons. Beads and bead caps. A bit of caviar tube for door. Two bits of champagne wire for hinges. I also used lace from the massacred fan rather than junk jewellery. And I don't spray paint because I find it messy. Maybe I don't get as smooth surfaces as with spray paint, but I am still pleased. 

Victorians used portable heaters because their houses were cold, and coal was expensive. You brought the heater with you as you moved from room to room.

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