Thursday, 6 November 2014

Marble tile floor

I found a self-adhesive marble sheet in a thrift store. Great to make kitchen floors.

However, as I have already noticed, you cannot just use a shelf sheet for flooring because the pattern is too large, and it looks unnatural. I wouldn't have minded six years ago, but I do now.

What I did was cut the sheet into 1,5x1,5 cm squares - it was easy, because there is a grid on the back. Then I glued them one by one in a diamond pattern onto an old folder (somebody at my work cleaned their office and threw away dozens of folders. I picked them up, and I now have card in all colours to last me for years).

 Yes, it took me two whole evenings. But it was worth it.


The floor will go into the best kitchen. I think it looks great, but because it is so colourful I believe the walls will have to be white.

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