Friday, 14 November 2014

Front door

Another small project I have done as a distraction from the neverending window painting is the front door. I have bought this outrageously expensive front door, and I wanted to do it right. I had a vague idea that I wanted the door to be dark oak, but the problem with oak stain is that once you have applied it it's almost impossible to change, and I couldn't afford to make a mistake.

As usually in these cases, I consulted my facebook groups. As sociologists know, the answers you get depend on the questions you ask. I asked: What colour do you think the doot should be, white or dark or dark with white surrounds?


Guess how many different answers I got? Most voted for white, but there were many great suggestions, and many pictures. Interestingly enough, there were different trends in different groups. Can it be culturally dependent?  Anyway, I wasn't wiser after that, but then one clever person said: Why don't you cut mock doors from cardboard and test different colours? Now, that's what facebook groups are for!

I cut a very crude white surround and painted three different doors. I made a green one because there was a very strong opinion on green.


I now worded my question differently: Which of these doors do you like best? This time nobody voted for white! Isn't it curious? You really need to see it before you can decide. So I dismissed white, and since I wanted the door dark oak from the beginning I made it dark oak. It took five coats of stain to make it this dark, and then I gave it a coat of varnish.


The door handles are pieces of junk jewellery, and the knocker is a bit of an earring.

Now you may ask why I am making these finishing touches when it will be months before I get anywhere near. The answer is: a reward for painting windows.