Sunday, 16 November 2014

A decisive step

Believe it or not, but this morning I dismantled the basement again and THEN I GLUED THE EXTERIOR WALLS. It needed some negotiations, involving a craft knife, but it's done, and it feels like the first real accomplishment. (I am sure I will discover soon that I did it all wrong, but I am not going to worry about it now).

So the exterior walls are in place and drying, and meanwhile I worked on the interior walls, putting in doors. I added door knobs to all doors, which of course took me less time than the first one, and then I started figuring out how to fix the doors. I discovered that there was a little detail that I hadn't painted, which was a nuisance, but easy to repair. Then I realised that in the rooms where I will have wallpaper it makes sense to put in door frames after wallpaper, to make neat finish. Fortunately, already yesterday I made a roll of splash wallpaper.

Frankly, I don't remember where I learned about this technique, but I had this paper already in my very first house, all the way seven years ago, and then I had the same in the Victorian cabinet house.

I want to use the roll over three walls without seams. I started with the interior wall that has two doors.

Then I realised that I was running out of time. Since I don't have a dedicated hobby room, I need to tidy up after my weekend exercises. I put in the interior walls temporarily again, and then put in as much objects as I had the energy to do. Unless you know, it looks exactly like three weeks ago. 

But the exterior doors are glued, all rooms have floors, the windows are in, almost all doors are in place, the secret corridor is finished (although I may still decide to have stairs), and I really feel that I have made considerable progress this weekend.

I put the roof on top and took a picture with a flash. It made me think that I need to plan lights carefully for this project.

Fellow miniaturists often ask what glue we use. I used wood glue for the walls, and I pasted the wallpaper with superstrong all-purpose glue stick.

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