Saturday, 6 July 2013


The very same day I wrote my previous post I browsed an old dollhouse catalogue, looking for ideas. My attention was drawn to an item I had certainly seen before but never considered because it wasn't pertinent.

 After I have made all the fantastic Georgian furniture from kit I have more confidence in my ability, even though this is half-scale and still more demanding. On the other hand, this is not an x-acto quality of kit; in fact, it is recommended for children (although not below 3 years). However, on closer consideration I decided that I still wanted to try and make things myself. After which I went on ebay to see what was available in half-scale, and the first thing I saw was this very furniture kit. Now, there are certain things that are available in abundance, but this was the only one. I strongly believe in cerendipity. It did say "used", but I decided that 99p was a good investment. So here it is. Yes, very much "used" - about half of the pieces missing, but enough left to make a start. And because all templates are intact I may even be able to make the missing bits myself. Watch this space!

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