Saturday, 27 July 2013

Plastic discoveries

Tell me that the world of miniatures isn's full of the most amazing discoveries! If I had another life I would become a dollhouse scholar and win a Chair in Cultural Studies at a prestigious university. As it is, I am enjoying the ocean of knowledge revealed through my hobby. Not only have I learned that the cosmetics firm Avon manufactured miniatures, I have now learned something else, perhaps even more exciting, as the side effect of my flea market binge.

I bought this clock for 20p.

A clock is always good to have and can be put in almost any environment, and one of my current projects is a clockmaker's shop, so it came handy. I thought I'd paint and varnish it. Now I am glad I took a closer look before I did. This is what I found on the back:

You cannot see it very well in the picture, but it says © LOUIS MARX & CO, INC MCMLXIV.

It didn't tell me anything, which just shows my ignorance, but at least I am curious so I did a search. And I found  both a Wikipedia page and a webpage from Marx Toy Museum. And there are tons of Marx toys on ebay. 

I wonder whether the flea market seller knew what she was selling. But I will from now one look more carefully at plastic toys. And next time I am in West Virginia I'll visit the museum.

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