Saturday, 13 July 2013

Improving kit furniture

While I was pleased with my bedroom furniture, I kept thinking that there must be a way of using the bits from the kit to make something less clumsy. I consulted my miniature group, and they confirmed: it was fully possible to get rid of the ugly tabs. I started with a chair because I had lots of them and could afford a failure. I glued the pieces together with the strongest glue I had and left it overnight. Then I cut off the tabs and sandpapered until the surface was smooth. It is still not as elegant as more expensive kits, but it looks much better.

I made the cupboard in the same way.

I found it quite remarkable that you could see the improvement so clearly. And when I painted it, the difference was still more striking.

 Last of all, I made the table. When I first assembled it, I thought it looked ok. But after I had improved the cupboard it didn't feel satisfactory at all:

Therefore I cut off the tabs (the frame broke in the process, but I managed to glue it back), and again the paint did the trick.

Here is the whole kitchen set:

And here it is in he room. Now I need to make some utensils.

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