Friday, 26 July 2013

Avon collectibles

Yet another thing I bought during my flea market spree was this set

I recognised it immediately because I have two similar sets that I bought some time ago in a charity shop.

I have built two room boxes around these, a study and a spa. I have tried to find out something about these miniatures, but there were few clues. This time, however, there was the original box, so here we are

From this, I went to ebay, and there were these miniatures, produced by the cosmetics company Avon, yet god knows when and why - I will make further investigations. I was not far from truth in my previous projects: the blue and wooden set is a library, and there is a bookshelf missing that I think I have made much better; and the white set is a conservatory. On ebay you can get a bedroom set, a kitchen set and some other stuff.

Now of course I am thinking whether it's worth the trouble to make a whole house with these sets. I must say that I didn't like them at first, but they are rather cute, and with proper environment they look nice. So this may become a new large project in the future.

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