Saturday, 6 July 2013

First attempts

Let me tell you something: this kit was of very poor quality. Not like the elaborate x-acto, and not like the Swedish Kotte-toys, laser-cut with great precision. Half the bits were not cut through properly and broke, or I had to use a craft knife. How they suppose a six-year-old can do this - I don't know. (Although I have no idea what six-year-olds can and cannot do. Will see next week when the grandchildren are visiting).

Like with all kits, as I have learned, sandpaper until you drop dead. Again, because the quality of wood is poor, the result was still not quite satisfactory. There are no proper instructions, just numbered parts, so it isn't even clear what piece you are assembling. Or maybe I am stupid. Anyway, I just started with the first sheet where some things were missing.

I cannot say that this furniture is particularly elegant. To be frank, it's clumsy. The bits do not fit well. But it was an interesting experience.

And after I painted the pieces and added some details it doesn't look all that bad. For a first sttempt.

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  1. Jag har alltid tyckt att byggsatser som dessa ser lite klumpiga ut, sticker liksom ut bitar på "fel" ställe, men jag har även alltid trott att man skulle kunna göra dom lite finare och det tycker jag du lyckats med! Lycka till med fortsättningen.