Saturday, 29 December 2012


During the five years (almost on the day) of my miniature making, I resisted printing out things from the web. Fair enough, I have searched every site that offers printies, for the same purpose I search online stores: to get ideas. I once printed out a pattern for making a shoe box, which was very helpful. But being primarily a recycler, I felt that printing out a book row or a painting or a wine-bottle label is less challenging than finding it in a magazine or catalogue. I still feel the same, but I have allowed myself to persuade myself that perhaps some things might be fun to print out, and that they would still demand some work.

Anyway, my children gave me a colour printer for Christmas. I haven't been out of the house since then so I haven't got the right paper. I have printed on standard printer paper and, where necessary, glued onto card. All these printies come from the same site, that I highly recommend, Jim's Printable Minis.

Now, honestly, all these I could have made myself. In fact, I have made very similar miniatures. I have made both fake books and books that you can open and fake rows of books (see for instance this and this and this). I have a hat box, exactly like this one, in my Victorian house, made from a flowery greeting card. I haven't made envelopes, because I haven't needed them (and I still don't know what to do with them). 

Lesson learned? It is fun to try various techniques for miniature making. I will go on searching sites with printables and perhaps discover things I hadn't thought about before I had a colour printer. For instance, I can now make miniatures of my own books. But this is another story.


  1. G'Day from Down Under,
    I have only just rediscovered my love of all things miniature after 20 years and I am SO loving it! There is so much more available these days that were not around in the 80's and 90's! For instance, I LOVE your blog!!
    Unfortunately online links come and go, I know that this particular blog is dated 2012 so you might well already be aware that your link to Jim's Prinable Minis is no longer linking?
    I look forward to reading each and every blog that is available here and I thank you for keeping things simple. I have Aspergers and am a bit of a technophobe so I truly do appreciate your instructions and conversations.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    Your newest fan,
    Erynne Baynes,
    Warragul, Victoria, Australia.

  2. Hello Erynne, thank you for your comment. Yes, inevitably some links stop working over time, but it is impossible to check them regularly throughout the blog. Since I wrote this post almost anything you need to print out is available on Pinterest, and it is also easy to resize any image you may need.