Friday, 21 December 2012


Some time ago I found a toy shop in Germany that had lovely wooden educational toys that I couldn't resist. I knew they were wrong scale and wrong style, but I bought them anyway.

Some things actually fit quite nicely in my modern kitchen. I put the packages into shelves, some as they were, some with new labels, cut from catalogues. I also put labels on bottles to make ketchup and cooking oil.

I put the cutlery in a stand, it doesn't really matter that the scale is wrong. The fruit and vegies are almost ok. I use the red tumblers for flower pots. But it wasn't an essential buy. Most of the things I could make myself.

When I buy things, very often I make them over in some way. This set of bottles came in a larger lot. I am sure anyone who is into miniatures has seen them.

What I did was merely change labels: again, I cut them from a wine catalogue. It makes a huge difference. And they are guaranteed unique.

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