Thursday, 27 December 2012

Making a display cabinet

Our youngest daughter came to stay over Christmas, and of all places in and around Cambridge she wanted to visit a yarn shop. I used to knit a lot so I understand the passion. She, on the other hand, understands my miniature passion, and suddenly it conflated into an idea for a new room box: a miniature yarn shop. By coincidence, we passed the wine store where my husband sometimes gets wine boxes for me, and see, they did have one nobody yet had claimed (they are in demand!), so fate would have it that the same day I started a new room box. So far there is little to share, but I made a display cabinet exactly like the one they had in the 1:1 shop. Frankly, until then I had never noticed how yarn is displayed in shops.

I rummaged through my collection of recyclables and found a cigar box. My daughter suggested that I paint it white, but I thought there was a nice old wooden feel to it.

 To insert shelves, I used craft sticks as runners.

I cut the shelves from my indispensable venetian blinds. In the middle of each shelf, I glued small craft sticks (of the kind that pretend to be matches). Then I put in diagonal shelves. I didn't even have to glue them.

When I put in yarn, colour-sorted, it looked very natural. It is embroidery yarn which my daughter showed me how to twist, just as they do with wool skeins. I then used the original paper bands to wrap around small balls which I made from loose yarn and wool threads.The knitting needles are toothpicks.