Sunday, 9 December 2012

Painting wooden furniture

I bought this wooden set in my favourite antique shop in Ely. There was no label, and I have no idea where it comes from. I very much like the furniture, but I hate the pink colour. For some time I could not decide where I might want the set so I kept it in my antique shop. Then it occurred to me that I could have it in my modern house, in the upstairs sitting room. Surely you can have two slightly different sets in the same room. The pink didn't fit with the other set, and I hated it anyway so I needed to make it over. I considered covering it with fabric, but thought it would be a pity because it was such a fine wooden surface. I tried to paint it red, but it was wrong red. I then tried to stain it, and it was a disaster. I was so upset that I put the miserable armchair away and didn't look at it for a long while. But I felt bad every time I saw the lonely pink sofa. So eventually I simply had to do it. It took ages to sand-paper away the failed stain, but I felt it was my duty to do it properly. I mixed some green gouach with off-white hobby paint, with this result

And this is how nicely they fit together with the other furniture.

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