Friday, 14 December 2012

Miniature picturebooks

I have written about how I made fake books and bookshelves. But I have also made books that open and have pictures. For one of them, I was lucky to find a magazine that had three strips of square pictures. I cut out the strips and folded them:

Then I glued the pages back to back, except the first and the last one.

I made a cover from a piece of card and cut the jacket from handmade Japanese paper somebody had given me.

I folded the jacket and glued it onto the cover. I learned how to do this from a dollhouse magazine. They had cut-out pages and jacket, but you had to cut the cover.

Next I made endpapers - and I used handmade paper I made myself from plants (that's another hobby I have)

Then I glued the pages into the cover. I also found a suitable title page in a book catalogue

 And here is the finished book

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