Friday, 16 November 2012

Music room

To tell the story of the music room box I first need to explain who I made it for and why, and the best way to do it is to go to my own blog. The box I made for Jane to say thank you was a combination of her music and sartorial interests.

To begin with, the box itself was a package from Phase Eight in which my pink jacket arrived. It took me some time to decide what wallpaper would be right, and eventually I had an epiphany: the paper bag from East. It had to be daring! I used a bit of paper flooring, but I left the ceiling as it was.

Then I put in a piano that I had had for some time, don't remember where it came from, and it was wrong scale, but it didn't teally matter here. I added a little table and a mirror - mirrors are always useful in miniature rooms.

I made an outfit that was almost exactly like the one Jane and I had bought and put it on a pink hanger. I also added some details: a clock (that I had before, made from a bottle cap) and a painting of our college, Homerton. I like such half-hidden messages: if you aren't from Homerton you won't know what building it is.

I made some music magazines and a magazine rack, from a broken necklace. I also did somethning I don't normally do: printed out some sheet music from the web. It's very hard to make sheet music in 1:12.

I had ordered an oboe from ebay. No way I could make an oboe that would feel satisfactory to give to an oboe player. And while I was waiting I kept adding to the room.

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