Friday, 16 November 2012

A little tea party

I bought these lovely dolls in a thrift shop. I knew they were too big for my Victorian house, but I couldn't resist them. I hoped that I would find a way to use them. The most obvious way was to let them have a tea party, but it wasn't until I bought these chairs that the environment emerged.

I haven't been able to find out where the chairs come from. I need to discover a website where you can post a picture and have your object identified. I am sure there are such sites. 

I didn't use a box for the tea party because of the dolls' size: they looked too crammed. They are just having their tea on a shelf. This is what I have served them:

I had the tea cups - far too big for any of my other projects, but just right here. I didn't have saucers or plates in the right size, so I made them from clay and painted with varnish so they almost look like porcelain. The cream cake is a schampoo bottle cap, with a ready-made ribbon bow, and the cake plate is a button. Another button has become a butter cup. I baked the scones and cakes from clay The tea pot is from some thrift shop.

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