Saturday, 3 November 2012


As you may have noticed from the pictures, I put in windows in the modern house. When I bought is, it had no windows, although the window openings were nicely painted in various colours. Still, there was something unfinished about the house, even with curtains.

As you can clearly see, there are nineteen windows. Because the dollhouse is home-made, the openings do not match the standard 1:12 windows, and it took me a long time to find a solution. I bought a 4-pack when I was visiting a dollhouse shop; unpainted and unglazed. At least I would do something myself. When I was sure I could use them, I ordered the rest from ebay.

Obviously, I began by painting them, which was quite a job. Then I cut panes from transparent file holder and glued them on the inside of the window frame


I started with the removable walls because they were easier to handle First, I fixed the frame on the outside. It covered the opening neatly, but on the inside, the opening was about half a centimeter too small.

I had to saw off half a centimeter of each inner frame bit. In such situations, you bless the inventor of the mitre box.

Just see what a difference it makes! 

On the inside, I added window sills for flowers and decorations.

The gable-wall windows were much more difficult to put in, but by then I was a considerably better miniature carpenter and glazier so eventually I managed all the nineteen. 

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