Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dollhouse Christmas

The only recurrent change I make in my Victorian house is Christmas decorations. I always have a tree in my 1:1 life, and I use a reasonable amount of decorations, but it is fun to make miniature Christmas things. Four years ago was the first Christmas season for my dollhouse, and to begin with I needed a tree. At that point I was still exploring miniature resources in and around Cambridge so I wasn't sure where to find a tree or something recyclable to make a tree. Finally I found an incredibly ugly tree in a local superstore, which I improved by painting.

I made the ornaments with junk jewellery and beads. The present  is a small wooden block wrapped in paper. 

This is a Christmas-decorated living room. The large boxes are cut from Dollhouse and Miniature magazine that always has some nice patterns in their Christmas issue. The Christmas cards also come from it, although you can take any seasonal magazine or catalogue. I made other decorations as well.


 Of course there is a lot of cooking and baking going on before Christmas so last year I made a baking board and let the little maid make gingerbread.

At 1:1 Christmas parties, I collect junk from crackers. Perfect to make Christmas miniatures with.

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  1. Tycker detta är jättemysigt. Man vill nästan kliva in i bilderna och slå sig ned....