Saturday, 21 February 2015

Victorian tiles

Among the several things I still had to do before assembling the house was the back wall of the upper entrance hall. Five months ago I painted it yellow (scroll to the end of the post) and throught I would simply put up some paintings. Since then I tried to make Victorian panels for which I used vintage postcards. The panels in the picture below are not the actual cards, just a photocopy, because I wanted to test it first, and for the same reason one side has a white frame and the other gold.


I asked friends in two Facebook groups whether they liked the white or the gold, and the opinions were divided between the groups.

Then I started working on the basement, and the wall had to wait. Meanwhile, I found this in a museum shop:

These are magnets, but I thought they would make a nice border. Like this:

However, today when I finally started to work on the wall properly it because obvious that the two decorations didn't go well together. I was reluctant to give up on my postcard panels, but the magnets clearly looked better. Sorry, postcards, I may use you elsewhere.

This is the result. I think it will be great.


Of course, this picture has a disadvantage as compared to the previous ones because it is a flat wall, but use your imagination to see how it will be in the room. Side walls also have borders.

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