Sunday, 1 February 2015

It always takes longer...

I have made considerable progress this weekend, but again, nothing worth showing. I have mostly been replicating walls and panels that I tested when the house was assembled. Now I have to finish a whole room, three walls, with doors, windows and other details that need time and attention. But I am still convinced that I am doing it the right way. Working on flat surfaces and at normal table height is a blessing. I am going to persist in this strategy. Yet I am also glad that I have tested colours and wallpaper and various solutions for rear rooms and corridors. Somethimes I still need to check what a particular surface is, even though I have marked them in pencil and pasted a bit of wallpaper. I make mistakes and have to do it all over again. I forget my own great ideas and remember them too late. And most of all, everything takes more time than anticipated. I was almost certain that after this weekend I would be able to start glueing. No way. I will need at least two more weekends just to finish side and back walls, not to mention interior walls.

I do have some pictures to share. I have finished the dark panelling in the music room, and while I cannot show the interior yet, you can get some idea about what it will look like.

You may notice that I have changed the wallpaper in this room. I think this one fits better. It will be a very grand room. I will most probably paint the door surround to match the panel.

I have put in all windows in side walls, except one where the panelling is not finished yet, and as soon as I finish two sides of an interior wall I put in the door. I do not forget to fix the door knobs first, but I did forget that some details had to be painted. I haven't learned from making basement doors! This door knob is made from a paper clip. And for once, this wallpaper is not a printie. You may recognise it: it is a classic called Jennifer.

Most of what I did today will not even be visible or only laterally visible in rear rooms. The interior walls look like this:

If you are not familiar with the design you will think that it is a complete mess.

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