Sunday, 15 February 2015

Getting there

I was fully deternimed to start assembling and glueing the house today. True, I haven't finished the basement lighting, but I have figured out how to do it, finally, to my satisfaction. I am frustrated seeing my beautiful house all in pieces, not being able to see how all the pretty walls and ceilings I have recently made look when assembled. So I thought, I will just finish the side walls, a couple of hours perhaps, and then...

But I have once again miscalculated time and effort. Two months ago I made this pretty wall, and in my memory the room was finished. I am glad I checked before I glued the walls, because, as it turned out, the tax-free bottle net would only be enough for two walls. I tried this and that and I finally gave up. I am not desperate about it, since the net wasn't easily manageable and would have probably not look neat (that's what I am telling myself in consolation). At least I have tried. I may use this net elsewhere.

However, this meant that I had to use something else. Now, I don't have to use anything at all; I could have simply painted the whole room. And every room. But that's not how I work. I invent obstacles to overcome them. Yesterday when I was making the blue ceiling I was also going to make another ceiling and decorate it with cake paper (also something I have saved for the past seven years). Now I am glad I didn't do it yesterday, because the cake paper is perfect against the dark red wallpaper.


This picture also shows one of the details that pop up and delay all work. I was fixing the dado rail (which I first now in the picture see is not quite horisontal - too bad, too late) when I realised that there would be a hinge right there, and I cannot put the hinge over the rail. I wonder how many mistakes like this I have made and will discover in due time.

The window in this wall is the last side window. I will not be putting in more windows in the observable future. But there are twelve in the front.

I put paper, border and panel on all three walls, but so far I have only finished paneling on one. It is a lot of work, as the grill sticks I am using need to be mitred. But it's worth while. Again, I could have... I don't have to... Yes, actually, I have to. And again and again: I am not in a hurry.

I have another busy week coming so I won't have time to finish the other two walls until next weekend. I only need the side wall to start assembling, but I won't have time even for one wall. Besides, I have realised that I also need to finish panels for the back wall of the grand entrance hall. Another things I erroneously remembered as finished. The bottom line is: it's just as well to accept that I will need at least two more weekends before I can move on.

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