Saturday, 14 February 2015

Another ceiling

This weekend I am working on lights in the rear corrdior of the basement, which is hugely frustrating, particularly when the drill suddenly gives up and has to be charged, but this gives me some time to do other things. There is absolutely nothing I can show from the lighting work since most of it is testing, testing and testing again, with large bits of cardboard before I start drilling in the walls and roof. But I want to show something (to myself if not otherwise), some progress. So in between drilling and swearing, I made another ceiling. It will be in the dining room, so I painted it to match the wallpaper, mixing blue and green acrylic paints with white all-purpose. Then I glued on a lacy plastic placemat, one of those that I have used all these years since I started miniature-making. Luckily, I still had one almost whole piece. It is hard to see what it will look like in the room, but if you use your imagination and turn it upside down... Anyway, I am pleased.