Sunday, 13 July 2014

Table makeover

You can tell that it is a rainy weekend because I am finishing several miniature projects that have been waiting for a while. Among the Poundland furniture I have bought several tables. They aren't pretty, but I have temporarily put the white ones into various room boxes.

The red one is particularly ugly because you can see all the crude edges:

The answer is, as usual, sandpaper. Although I didn't have the patience to sand the legs into a round shape, still less cabriole, after an hour of hard work all edges became smooth and nice. I painted the table dark brown, stained and varnished.

I have not decided whether I will use it as a half-scale dinner table or a full-scale coffee table. It is slightly too large for half-scale, but if it is on its own in a room perhaps it wouldn't matter. Hmmmm...

For a coffee table, at least a Victorian coffee table, it has the wrong shape. In any case, I have decorated it with the omnipresent stencils. I am not sure I will keep them. I may go for egg-shell mosaic.

You can never have too many tables, and I am sure it will eventually find its place, in my antique shop if not elsewhere.

1 comment:

  1. This table worked out well- and of course can be changed as you find its use in your mini world.
    Did you ever get your dream house? Or was it never delivered?