Sunday, 13 July 2014

Further wooden stuff

I continue painting the small wooden things I have shown here and here. I have added some details to those I showed before, for instance, bead caps on the tankard and the "glass" bottle.

Of the new things, I have painted the coffee pot pewter. I am not sure this is right. I have spent some time browsing the web for Victorian kitchen utensils. There are about three hundred different pots and pans, most of them cast iron, copper or pewter. I will have to do more research. The milk jug (is it?) is not quite right either. I first painted the lid blue, but it didn't look natural at all. I also initially painted the sugar bowl (?) white with a blue lid, but then changed it to match the teapot. The vase and the jug are decorated with gold paper stencils.

I have a number of pots that I haven't yet decided what to do with. It does seem that most of the Victorian kitchen pots were black cast iron. I have a set of copper pots in my Victorian kitchen. Perhaps the copper pots were for show and the iron for use. I have also seen some pots that are white with black handles. Apparently, large pots were used to store bread, so it says "Bread" on the pot. That's an option for the largest pot.

Finally, there are some objects I have not yet identified.

The container to the left, with a massive lid, may be a flour jar. The next is perhaps something oriental? Then two fancy bottles? Two Tudor goblets? Or are they fancy planters? Or is the one to the right a lamp? If you have an idea, please leave a comment!

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