Sunday, 13 July 2014


Next transformation of a wooden thing (see the previous posts 12 and  3). This is a demijohn, also known as carboy. I didn't know it until two weeks ago, although I had seen the word in historical and fantasy novels. 

First, I painted it dark green. I didn't have the right colour among my acryllic paints so I painted it with watercolour. I have recently learned that you can paint almost anything with watercolour if you rub your paintbrush with soap first. I then varnished it to make it shiny.

Demijohns were made of glass and therefore had to be protected with a net. I used a net that garlic comes in, painting it to resemble straw.

The word demijohn comes from French damejeanne, which probably comes from Dame Jeanne, pointing at the similarity of the vessel with a female body. Etymological dictionaries are great.

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