Sunday, 2 February 2014

Funkis kitchen cabinet

I wanted to make a cabinet for the funkis kitchen, because it would look more natural, and also to display some utensils. I had various ideas how to make the cabinet, including close or open, real or fake doors, and I finally decided on a compromise. I had some styrene sheets that I had bought long time ago in a hobby shop, for undefined purposes, possibly for furniture making, so it came handy. I used a candy box of a suitable size as a base and glued the white plastic sheet on it, which I think gave a nice effect. The handles are plastic beads.

The cabinet is very light, and I though it could be easily fixed with sticky dots, but it wouldn't cooperate. I tried double-sided tape, I tried this and that, and finally I made brackets from paper clips. You cannot even see them unless you look closely.

This is the new kitchen. By the way, I also have a new cooker that matched the rest better:

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