Saturday, 1 February 2014

Finding the right place, continued

See here for the beginning of this story.

When I had just started playing with miniatures, six years ago, I got terribly excited when I saw all the wonderful things you could buy on ebay. Although I from start was a maker more than a collector, I enthusiastically bought things that I later on would have made myself. Also, I didn't understand then that buying single objects was expensive. Since then I have learned to search for bundles, or mixed lots, or whatever the ebay sellers choose to label them. I guess that, unless selling on ebay is your full-time occupation, it's far too much trouble to set up the auction, administrate the purchases, pack, post, track. Therefore, I believe, people get rid of things they no longer want or things they have inherited, and sometimes they don't know what treasures they are selling and sometimes they do and hope to fetch a good price but have bad luck and have to sell cheap. I check for bundles regularly, and my most recent was this:

Now, in a bundle, there will always be things that you are not particularly interested in and wouldn't buy as a single object, but they almost always come handy. Here are some places where some of the things went:

A row of fake books obviously went into a book case in the Georgian house. They clearly add depth.

The raquets join other sports stuff in a corner of the modern drawing room. You can also see how nicely the dresser I bought in an antique shop last year fits into this interior.

The pair of shoes and the starbucks mug went to the modern bedroom.


The flashlight, the Primus and the big brown bags went into the utility room which is just a corner of the modern kitchen. They are joining tools, buckets, wellies and other useful things.

Finally, for this round, the plastic tray with glasses and a sweet little ice-cube form went into the funkis drawing room but it may eventually go somewhere else.

The other things will be useful as well. I am making a wall cabinet for the funkis kitchen, which will of course be filled with stuff. The frying pan can go in, and the kitchen utensils can hang on the wall. Plates are always useful. So do come back soon to see what I have done with the rest of this lot.

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