Sunday, 2 February 2014

Funkis bedroom

Long before I put in new wallpaper in what was supposed to be the bedroom in the funkis house, I tested the size of the future bed by placing the bed from my retro house in it. This was a fatal mistake because it was exactly the right style.

Actually, my retro house has many features that would fit in a funkis house, but this bed was too good a match, so reluctantly I decided that it would have to move. Thereafter I decorated the room to match the bed. 

The curtains and the rug had to follow, as did the two bed stands. I made another window with a view over a funkis landscape. The table comes from the IKEA set and is completely wrong scale, but I don't think it matters. The colour is right. The Matisse picture is from the web.

Now of course you wonder what I made to replace the bed in the retro house. I will tell you soon.

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