Saturday, 1 February 2014

Finding the right place

I have several times promised to show what I do with large lots or bundles that I occasionally find on ebay. Such as:


It's very impressive when you see lots like these, but what happens is that they disperse into various projects, and after a while you don't remember where they come from, and some of them get lost - not literally, but lost among many other small objects. (Sometimes I ask myself how many miniatures I have in my different houses and room boxes: Five thousand? Ten thousand?)

I got a sweet Christmas gift from my daughter: 

I decided that I must take pictures of where these objects found their place. For instance, the tiny Chinese figurine and the sea shell went to the Victorian corridor and the decorative plate to the Victorian drawing room. (This is a good chance to display some details of the house).

I took this opportunity to rebuild the nursery that had become much too crowded to see the details. The new toys are foregrounded, and I am very proud of having made a Ludo board for the tiny dice.

To be continued.

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