Friday, 22 February 2013

Modern sofa

For my yarn shop I wanted an interesting sofa. It is important to have a sofa in a yarn shop so that people accompanying crazy yarn shoppers can sit down and browse magazines. I have made several sofas for my various projects, and from making the Chippendale sofa I learned some useful tricks. I made the frame from cardboard, and I had nice flowery fabric. Rather than glueing on the fabric, as I did with the Chippendale sofa, I fixed it with tape, as many dollhouse books recommend. I used doublesided tape to fix the fabric to the surfaces.


However, I could not think of an interesting, unusual way to make arms and legs. I could simply make padded arms with fabric, and I could use beads for legs. And then I had an idea. I have this set of wooden blocks that I have already used for all kinds of purposes. They would make perfect arms and legs. I just had to glue them in pairs.

I made the seat and back cushions from corrugated paper, the kind you find in boxes of chocolates. I wish I could say it was my own invention, but it wasn't. I found it in a book. It's much easier to cut and trim to the necessary size than foam, and you can make it as thick as you want.

 I am glad to be able to use what I learned from making the Chippendale sofa with this one. 

For the back and bottom, I photocopied the fabric and glued on the paper. Fabric would have been intidy.

Here is the sofa in the shop. Now I must make a coffee table to put in front of it.

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