Sunday, 17 February 2013

Chippendale cabriole chairs

This kit didn't come with my original bargain from ebay.I bought it from an online shop as I was buying supplies. This is not an x-acto kit from the 1970s, but a modern one from Mini Mundus in Germany. They have most of the x-acto miniatures, but not all of them.


As usual, I stained the bits first. But for this miniature you have a sand the legs. And sand. And sand. Because they have to be round.


The instruction sheet was as good as in the x-acto kits, but the paper was new and crisp, not old and yellowish. I started with the seats, which was easy, but then came the alignment. I had to do it several times before I got it right.

Assembling the back was also quite a job.

Gluing on legs was not as difficult as I thought it would be. That is, after I had figured out which side should be on the outside.

Arms were easy, but needed som  parience because glue had to set before you could continue. In this pictures you see clearly that the stain I am using is too pink. So I used another coat, and then varnish.

The fabric provided with the kit wasn't particularly inspiring.

I rummaged through my materials and found a bit of creamy satin. Even though it doesn't have a pattern I think it fits better. I took this picture to show how the final detail makes a huge difference.


Here are the chairs in their room. I am not sure they will be in this room, but so far this is the best way to dispay them.

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