Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chippendale house interior

I have learned some interesting lessons from decorating the Chippendale house, which I will happily share. In this project I am doing everything that I have out of principle never done before such as printing out floors and wallpaper, as well as buying skirting boards and rails.

I put in floors in the bedroom which immediately makes a huge difference. I first thought it would be too dark, but with the firniture in, it looks nice. Much better than what I had chosen first.

Now look carefully at the picture. This is a very nice house, but it has details that need attention. For instance this left corner. I thought it would look good in white. (In fact, I had first thought it would look good in blue. It was horrid). But it looks unnatural and unfinished.  Anyway I covered the corner with wallpaper. I should have done it when I put up the wallpaper, but since I hadn't, I just glued on vertical strips. And see, it has become inconspicuous. And after I added borders it looks nicer still, because borders cover the not-so-very-pretty woodwork. It is only on the right wall that I could put in a proper cornice. But I did put in skirting all the way round. I am very happy with this room. I am contemplating a fireplace on the left, but maybe not. Maybe it is fine as it is. A bit austere.

Then I put wallpaper and floors into the room next to the bedroom. It is pretty wallpaper, but again the white corner and plain cornices were not satisfactory. I cannot imagine how I could think it might work. It looks like - a dollhouse! I wonder whether the person who assembled this house did it wrong, because I cannot think it was meant to be so. Maybe I should have put in extra walls.Too late.

So first of all I cut some strips of the same wallpaper and used as borders.

I also covered the corner, and when I added skirting I think it looks as good as it can be.  I have provisionarily placed the desk with the top cabinet in this room. I am not sure yet what this room will be since I have a few pieces of furniture to make yet.

In the bottom right room, I put in floors that I had definitely thought wouldn't go with anything. I had thought it was too dark and too large pattern. But with the pale wallpaper it turned out just right. Note again: corner and cornices. And skirting on the right. It's quite remarkable how things you think will work do not. I thought this white square would be an interesting detail. It isn't.

However, with the corner covered with wallpaper and real skirting added to the other two walls it immediately looks better. I haven't decided what kinds of borders would go with this wallpaper. I have tried some and didn't like it. So it will have to wait till I find something. I have placed the round Hepplewhite table and the candle stand in this room just to take a picture. Empty rooms look - well, empty. Note that I have glued a narrow strip of wallpaper on the edge of the interior wall. I had first thought I would paint it white, but this seems better. However, I may change it later.


This is what the whole house looks like at the moment. I haven't done the skirting in the dining room because I haven't yet decided where the door and the fireplace will be. I think the fireplace will stay where it is, but the door may move.

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