Friday, 25 March 2016

Reflections on a completed project

Yes, yes, I know: there is no such thing as a completed project. Even with my room boxes (except those I have given away of course) I keep adding, changing, moving around and sometimes dismantling altogether.

And yet I suddenly feel, with a touch of sadness, that Womble Hall - as a structure - is now finished. Almost two years since I bought it and a year and a half since I actually received it. Over a thousand hours of work. Something to celebrate.

There are still small things here and there, a roof tile that is coming off and needs gluing, a tiny spot that perhaps needs repainting. But on the whole, the exterior is done. The fronts close (I will add magnetic locks). And inside, all fancy ceilings are done, all mouldings are finished, all lights work - all big things are done. I can now focus on details.

It's not that I have ignored details. All rooms have furniture, pictures, lamps, rugs, dozens upon dozens of objects. Half of the windows have curtains.

But it is now I will seriously think about what paintings should be where. So far, most of them are white-tacked, but I will attach them more permanently with velcro. I will decide where more mirrors are needed - mirrors are good to add a sense of space. I will place all the remaining objects - a large box of them - where they belong. I may replace things, and I will certainly move things around.

On the outside, I will add ivy, wisteria, climbing roses, decorative plants. 

I still have the inside of the fronts to play with. So far, I only have a book shelf, a couple of mirrors and some fake lamps. These surfaces will create an illusion of additional rooms. They will have semi-flat furniture, flower pots, painting - lots of paintings! - and all kinds of trompe l'oeil.

I will also try to create a sense of a house being lived in, for instance, spilled tea, torn letters and newspapers, maybe a broken cup. Not chaos, but not a perfect order either. I will use scenic water in kitchens and bathrooms. Generally, I will need to age things, both inside and outside. I will make more food. I will certainly make more kitchen stuff.

I will probably make new clothes for some of the dolls. (Indeed, poor dolls, some of them haven't had a new dress for nine years!). In other words, the fun is just beginning! Come back soon.

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