Sunday, 20 March 2016


Today I finished plumbing.


Let me remind you that the drain pipes - which are of course drinking straws - conceal electric wires connecting the floors into a single LED strip. I am very proud of this solution. The alternative would be simply to have wires held by cable clips. Not very realistic. Here the pipes are probably not hugely decorative, but at least they look plausible. Just a couple are held by cable clips - these proved to be clumsy, hard to get into the walls, and when they did get through there would be a couple of millimetres of nail on the inside. Instead I used duct tape, almost deliberately cutting it uneven. Some places are where the wires go in and out, others just hold the pipe in place.

With this, I believe that the major exterior features of the house are complete!

As a contrast, look where I was a year ago.

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